An Alien & a flat

Here is a moment that I have awaited; finally, a walk in the valley of death. Without thought in the name it is a fabulous place, unlimited landscapes, a raw and hostile nature and cold nights.  First stop, a night at "Atomic Inn" in Beatty, Nevada where I was greated at my door by an Alien. I decided to leave early headed towards Eureka sand dunes with a smile since google tells me a journey of 2h 50m but at 15 mph is less easy, suddenly my intuition forced me to get out of my car, it is at this precise moment that I understood that my tire had the same natural feeling. A bit deflated myself, I continue driving to find a flatter place to go change my wheel. At the second stop I realized that the tire had stopped deflating so why not push forward and follow my lucky star. Finally I found the dunes, majestic far away but still thinking of finding support to change my tire that was almost flat. Luckily I crossed paths with a group of people who spent the night on a camp, they look well equipped, I think I can find support. A great team, a true American experience, they offered me food and beer, I had the surprise to discover, for the first time, a plate of biscuit & gravy. After 5 spoons of the heartiest lunch I ever had, they discovered the nail is in my tire, we localized it then repaired easily and as a exchange I offered them some pictures of their expeditions. I finally discovered the dunes that invade the valley, the highest in California, an endless view. Thank's for helping guys and I hope our paths cross again.